Welcome to The Riverwalk Cottage.

The Riverwalk Cottage offers handmade clothing & goods made from upcycled and sustainable fabrics as well as handcrafted herbal body care items & teas.

You will also find recipes for herbal tea blends, natural body care products, and gluten free & vegetarian Southern fare.

The Riverwalk Cottage


The Riverwalk Cottage offers a collection of vintage linens & fabric.


Clothing & bags made from upcyled fabric & linens.


All handmade items are crafted from sustainable fabrics such as vintage cottons, linens, and laces. I also use hemp or organic cotton on occasion.

All herbal tea blends and handcrafted body care products are created using organic & sustainably harvested herbs. (Some of the herbs are from my own garden.)

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Oprah Winfrey



My name is Vanessa and I began sewing and embroidering when I was a young girl.

In my teen and early adult years, I sold hippie patchwork clothing through local college shops and festivals.

When my children were young, I ran a little business called Dancing with Fireflies.

I currently teach during the day and in my free time I enjoy fabric dying, sewing, quilting, knitting, and soap making. I like to work with vintage and natural materials.

Located in Florida, United States.

  • All sewn items are created using a Serger and reinforced sewn seams for durability.  Items may also be created using French Seams.  
  • All of my sewn items are created using vintage fabrics, linens, and laces.  I also use fabrics from scrap bags purchased from estate sales or charity shops.  If new fabrics are used, they are sustainable fabrics such as hemp or organic cotton.
  • All vintage items are inspected for any potential flaws.  If there are any, they will be noted in the listing.