Cruelty-free Products

Cruelty-free Cleaning


Bathroom and All-Purpose Cleaners:

81qq7ET4ZOL._SL1500_ Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap: Target 8 oz $6.69

This has been a favorite of mine since I was a child!  Although the company states you can use this soap for EVERYTHING, I no longer do.

I use this for cleaning the bathrooms.  If you mix it with baking soda it makes a very nice soft scrub.

YEARS ago I would use this for laundry but I no longer like the results. (Leaves a residue.)

If peppermint is not your thing, the company has several different scents including a product designed just for cleaning.  (Sal Suds)

Bonus:  The label is an interesting read!


eb61db5e-92f4-4c25-9779-b02e4b4473bf_1.1e55f9434af550f378da73b6acd56fe9Citra Solv: Walmart 8oz $12.44

This truly is a versatile cleaner!  It seems pricey but a little goes a long way!

I like to dilute with water and use to clean floors but it can be used on so many different surfaces.


13967434 Method Dish Soap: $2.99 Target but I have found this on sale for $1.99 at grocer Harris Teeter

I do not know why it took me so long to try this!  I love it!  This does an excellent job for hand-washing dishes.  I like the scent and a little goes a long way.

DIY Cleaners:


For dusting I use a lightweight olive oil mixed with some lemon or orange essential oils and a soft rag.  I store the olive oil/essential oil in a small mason jar.

Windows and Mirrors:

I purchased an empty spray bottle from Dollar Tree and fill it with water and white vinegar.  I have found unbleached coffee filters work well for cleaning mirrors as they do not leave streaks or lint.




Cruelty-free Products

Cruelty-free Target & Dollar Tree Make-up Review

caring-consumerI do not know when it happened, but I stopped reading labels!  Years ago I was so adamant that everything I purchased was cruelty-free and somewhere along the line I just went on auto pilot and stopped reading.  I realized the other day that the majority of my make-up and household supply stash is from companies that test on animals.  This is not something I want to support so back to reading labels!

Since I need to find new products for just about everything in the house (YIKES!) I will replace items as needed.

*Note: Reviews are for cruelty-free items not necessarily all natural items (One step at a time!)

52495982_Alt02Physicians Formula Foundation: Target $12.99

I really wanted to like this!  I usually wear a BB cream but wanted something with more coverage for “date nights”.

PROS: This foundation lasts ALL day.  It really is full coverage.

CONS:  I did not like the smell.  It settled into all my little fine lines and wrinkles. (I am 44.)  It made my face break out.  😦

This is not for me.  The search continues!

porcelain1_1 Wet n’ Wild photofocus Foundation: Target $4.69

PROS:  This offers full coverage without feeling heavy.

CONS:  This settled into all my pores and really highlighted them. USE A PRIMER!  (I did not have this issue when I applied a primer first.)

The smell.  I have been trying to figure out what the smell reminds me of and I have decided it smells like paint.  Almost like spray paint.

This biggest con for me- this foundation also made my face break out. (Yes, I do have sensitive skin.) In this foundation’s defense I am not sure if it was the primer or the foundation that caused my skin to break out, but for the smell alone this is a no go for me.

940d3154-1f7e-44bd-815b-66c3a26eacab_1.96b714efdba087d9d9c1fc49bc679c48Burt’s Bees BB Cream with SPF 15: $14.99

PROS:  This did not make my face break out! 🙂  This cream also did NOT settle into all of my fine lines and wrinkles.  I like that it has sunscreen.  This is my new daily!

CONS:  My local Target only carries 3 different shades.  I am not sure if there are other shades available.  (I am using the Light/Medium.)

52487841_Alt02 Wet n’ Wild Eyeshadow: Target $2.99

PROS:  Everything!  A nice neutral set of colors.  This eye shadow stays on all day. There is a slight shimmer.  My husband and Kindergarten students complimented my new eye make-up.  (The kinders are my biggest critics and notice any time I change anything! 🙂

CONS: Nothing!

92dceff7-f0ed-4449-bb18-74acbc268b5d_1.9efad0660388d7cfb882696b04a6c5daWet ‘Wild Kohl Eyeliner: Dollar Tree $1.00

PROS: It was $1.00!

CONS: This “tugged” when applying.  It does not include a smudging applicator at the end that I am used to. (Not a big deal I suppose because you could purchase a brush for this purpose.)  This seemed very light and quickly wore off throughout the day.

5acc1b20-bfcb-4126-a4c2-91f2008b7a35_1.4713809eb2efe4bca77fe089a1a13103 Wet ‘n Wild Megawear Mascara: Dollar Tree $1.00

PROS:  It is $1.00!  I like this mascara.  It does not clump or irritate my eyes.  It is great for everyday wear.

CONS:  Nothing so far! (I will need to see how this works in the summer when the humidity is high.)

1425075_Untitled_design__91298_std Wet ‘n Wild Lipstick: Dollar Tree $1.00

PROS:  $1.00!  Although the color I found at the Dollar Tree was not the right shade for me, I like this lipstick and will seek a different shade.  It made my lips soft and was much nicer than I expected for the price.

CONS:  Not sure of any at this time because due to the wrong color choice, I did not leave it on all day.

UPDATE:  I purchased a more flattering color for my skin tone at Target for under $2.00. The lipstick did not stay on long but for the price, it is worth re-applying.


Not make-up but definitely worth mentioning!

Every Man Jack Body Wash: Target $5.99

PROS:  This smells wonderful!  (Sandalwood)  I bought it for my husband but it smelled so great I had to borrow it.  It leaves your skin very soft and the scent lasts for a while.

CONS:  Nothing!