To chemo or not to chemo…

Hubs was supposed to start chemo this week.  He had a port put in and was ready to go…

However, it has been weighing heavily on him.  He was told, “We (medical professionals and us I suppose) will go with the chemo until it stops working or your body cannot take it anymore.”  So… until the end of his life? For some reason and I did not get to attend all of his doctor visits with him, he was under the impression he would be on a six week treatment plan. Six weeks vs until we can’t anymore is quite a different outlook.  He would be placed on 3 month cycles.  Chemo for 3 months, take ct scans.  3 more months… Not very promising.   We attended a class about using the port/chemotherapy and the side effects were pretty damn scary.

A lot of people have an opinion about this.  I suppose some of them just don’t know what to say so they offer any personal experience they have with cancer.  “Well, I know someone that knows someone and they survived cancer without chemo” or “Chemo saved my life” or “Why would you not do what your doctor told you?”  or “Yeah, chemo kills.” etc.

I asked him how he was feeling the other day (Something I am going to stop doing as I feel  I know I am annoying him and it seems everyone else is already asking that question.) His response, “Today, I am pretty sure I feel better than I would if I were on chemo.”

So for now, not to chemo.


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